What Are People Saying?

Thousands of teachers around the world use Gradekeeper. More than 4000 schools and 100 school districts across the United States and Canada use Gradekeeper. This is what people are saying about Gradekeeper.

I just want to let you know how valuable Gradekeeper has been to me. I looked for a similar product for years, and was thrilled about every aspect of your program. Thank you for offering such a fabulous product! (Jennifer Klinghard)

After downloading Gradekeeper, I realized just how valuable of an asset this program really is. This makes grading so much easier, especially with all the easy-to-use features that it has. Thank you for such an easy electronic gradebook to use. I highly recommend this to any teacher. (Mario Alioto)

This is simply the best product I've used. It does EXACTLY what it's supposed to, makes my life as a teacher that much easier. It's what I've been searching for. Thank you for making a product that doesn't force me to spend countless hours trying to figure out how to use it and how to get the reports I need. (Kenny Herring)

Your program is excellent. I have been teaching high school English and CAD for 23 years. I have tried many, many gradebook programs. Yours is vastly better than any -- practical, efficient, uncluttered. I was always frustrated because I couldn't find a program like Gradekeeper. It is reassuring to know someone can design such a lean, effective product. (David Allen Williams)

Thank you so much for creating a very easy and wonderful program!! In one afternoon I've been able to transfer all my classes onto the computer. I've already given students their missing assignments reports. I've tried many other gradebook programs that were too complicated and had administrative sections that I would never use. Thank you for creating a program that is just what the classroom teacher needs! (Paula Keller)

You have written a fantastic program! Never has grade keeping been so easy. Since I am now so organized, my students always know what grade they have earned and work harder than ever to improve. When I print and hand out the missing assignments, students, who were apathetic in the past, carry their little missing assignment notice with them until the assignments are completed. Parents are constantly informed about their children's progress with a print out of the student scores. (Marsha Carey)

I am a fourth grade teacher, and I have tried a couple of other gradebook programs. Your program far exceeds my needs. It is very easy to use and very adaptable to the needs of an elementary teacher. (Donna McEnery)

One of our school board members would like to see us use the Gradekeeper student scores report as our school's report card. She was impressed with the way it broke down the grade into categories so that parents can instantly see their child's strengths and weaknesses. (Bob Francis)