FAQ - Setting up a new class

How can I set up the days when school is not in session?

In the attendance grid, click on a date to make it a non-school day. Click it again to make it a school day. You cannot take attendance for non-school days. To hide non-school days, choose Hide Non-School Days from the Gradebook menu. Note that non-school days must be shown before you add additional non-school days.

How can I avoid typing in student names for each of my subjects?

If you teach different subjects to the same students, create one class for the first subject. Set up options common to all subjects, like your school year. Enter student names and ID's. Save normally. Use Save As from the File menu to save copies of that class under different names, once for each additional subject.

How can I avoid setting up the same gradebook options for every new class?

Create a new class, set up your options, and save that class. This saved class can then serve as a template for your new classes. To create a new class, open this saved class, then do Save As from the File menu, and save a copy of the template under a new name.

How can I avoid retyping the same assignment in each section of a class?

You can right click in the assignment header for any column to show a list of recent assignments. Choose one of those assignments to fill in that assignment's name, category, and points possible.