FAQ - Downloading and Installing

How do I access my Gradekeeper account from home?

There is no such thing as a Gradekeeper "account" since Gradekeeper is not an online service. You can use the web app, otherwise you must install the desktop app on any computer you want to use it on. You must also have access to any classes you saved. You can
install Dropbox on your computer to make it easy to share your classes at school and at home.

How can I find out about new versions when they are released?

You can follow
Gradekeeper on Facebook or join the Gradekeeper group at Groups.io to learn about new versions of Gradekeeper, try beta releases of those new versions, ask questions or make suggestions, and communicate with other teachers who use Gradekeeper.

When I try to download Gradekeeper, the download stops before it finishes.

Your internet options may be too restrictive. Open your Internet Options control panel (click the Start button, then Settings, then Control Panels, then open Internet Options). Choose the Security tab. At the bottom, click Custom Level. Scroll down to the downloads section. Make sure that File downloads is set to enable.

You may also want to try using a different web browser, like Firefox, instead of Internet Explorer. You should also check your virus software settings to make sure you are permitted to download files.

When I try to download Gradekeeper, my anti-virus software says it's malware

Anti-virus software does sometimes mistakenly identify downloads as malware. This is because, along with finding known viruses and malware, they try to detect new ones as well. This is not a reliable approach. AVG and Webroot produce many of these false alarms. Updating your anti-virus software and its virus definitions to the current version may help. Better yet, use the Windows Defender virus detection included with Windows 10, which is more reliable.

I have virus protection installed on my computer. I also submit the Gradekeeper installer to VirusTotal to check using many different virus scanners.

When I open a class with the new version of Gradekeeper my assignments and scores are gone!

Your assignments and scores have not disappeared. You are just not in the correct term in the school year. You need to choose the correct term from the Gradebook menu. Sometimes the program cannot determine which term to open in after converting to a new version until you tell it.

How do I enter my name and registration code when downloading so I won't be charged again?

Downloading does not cost anything. You are only charged when you choose to pay. You do not need to enter your registration code when downloading. When you run the program, after downloading and installing, you may see a reminder to pay window. Click Enter Code at the bottom of that window, and you will be able to enter your name and registration code. If you do not see that reminder, the program was able to find that information on your computer.

How do I enter the registration code I received when I paid for Gradekeeper?

When you run Gradekeeper, you will see a reminder to pay window. Click the Enter Code button. Enter the registration name and code. You must enter them exactly as they appear on the e-mail you received when you registered, including upper and lower case.

When I run the Windows installer, I get an error message.

The Windows installer must run from an account that has permission to install software. If you are installing at home, this should not be an issue. But many school computers are set up so that only your tech support people can install software.

Another possibility is an incomplete or corrupt download. Try doing a
new download from the Gradekeeper web site. You should empty your web browser's cache to make sure it really does a new download. You can also try right clicking the download link. This will bring up a menu. Choose to save target to disk (the wording of the menu item may vary). Choose to save to the desktop.