FAQ - Printing Reports

How can I print the student scores report for just one student?

First choose Student Scores from the Reports menu. Scroll to the student report you want to print. In the Windows version of Gradekeeper, right-click in the report window. Then choose Print from the pop-up menu. When the print dialog appears, click OK or Print.

How can I print a single report for all subjects in my elementary classroom?

First choose Multiple Class Report from the Reports menu. Choose the classes you want to include in this report and click OK. Then do Report Options and choose the items you want in the multiple class report. It is important that each student's name is exactly the same in all classes. For example, do not use middle initials in some classes and not in others.

How can I print two student reports per page?

In most situations, two student reports will not fit on a single page. But it may be possible by using report options to shorten the report, using landscape orientation, and using your printer settings to print two pages per sheet.

For the student summary report, in report options uncheck show grades summary and show attendance totals. In Page Setup, choose landscape orientation. Choose a scale factor of 150% in report options after choosing landscape orientation. Next, choose Print from the File menu. Click Preferences and choose 2 pages per sheet.Click Print to print the report. Not all printers will have the ability to print 2 pages per sheet.

The report will have a smaller font size, but will include two student reports per page.