FAQ - Problems

I forgot the password for one of my classes. How can I open that class?

First, keep in mind that passwords are case sensitive. Make sure the caps lock key is not on, or that you are using upper and lower case if your password includes both upper and lower case letters.

You can enter your registration code (the six digit number you received when you paid for Gradekeeper) in place of your password. You should use your registration code as your old password to enter a new password. Write the new password down and keep it in a safe place. You must use the registration code that was used on that computer to register Gradekeeper.

When I print, I get an error message. What am I doing wrong?

If you're using an older printer (especially Hewlett-Packard printers), the printer software may not be able to handle newer printing commands. Visit the web site of the printer manufacturer (like http://www.hp.com for Hewlett-Packard), and download the latest software for your printer. This will usually fix printing problems you may experience.

Why do some items get cut off in the Gradebook Options dialog?

Windows is responsible for making everything fit in the dialog.

Reinstall any fonts you removed from your computer. Gradekeeper uses the Arial font and Windows assumes all of these fonts are present, and will substitute other fonts if they are not available. But those fonts may be different sizes, and this will cause problems.

Changing the dots per inch for the display font may also help fix the problem. Right click on your desktop (but not on any icon). This brings up a menu. Choose Properties. Click the Settings tab. Click Advanced at the bottom. Choose Small Fonts. Make sure it says 96 dpi.

Why does my Gradekeeper menu look strange?

This is a Windows bug involving a corrupted registry entry. To fix it, start regedit.exe (in the Windows directory on your hard drive). Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER, then Control Panel, then click once on Desktop. On the right side, find User Preferences Mask. Its value is several pairs of hexidecimal digits. The second to last pair will probably be 05. Change the 05 pair to 07. Then quit regedit.exe and log off that account, then log in again.

What is your phone number? What is your fax number?

I do not have a business phone number or a fax number. I cannot accept phone calls about Gradekeeper since I teach during the day. Please use my contact page for all your questions or comments. I can usually reply the same day.