Purchase Gradekeeper

If you already have a license, visit the
download page. You do not need to renew your license.

A single license is $20 and allows you to use Gradekeeper. A school license is $100 and allows everyone at your school or university department to use Gradekeeper. A district license is $500 and allows everyone in your school district or university to use Gradekeeper.

These licenses are for the web app and for the desktop version of Gradekeeper. The
iPad app, iPhone app, and Android app must be purchased separately.

To purchase a license to use the web app or the desktop version of Gradekeeper, choose the license you want:

When purchasing a school license, please enter your school name in the company field. Your license will be in the name of your school. When purchasing a district license, please enter your district or university name in the company field. Your license will be in the name of your district or university. If you have a tax exempt ID, click Tax Exempt at the top and enter your tax exempt ID.

You can pay using a credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, a wire transfer, a check, or a purchase order. To pay with a check or purchase order, choose the invoice payment method. Click the Generate Invoice button. Next click the View Invoice button to show a PDF of your invoice. You should send your check to the address on the invoice. Your purchase order is for your internal use only. You will receive your registration code when your payment is received.