Download Gradekeeper

If you already have a license, you can use the Gradekeeper web app or download and install any new release of the Windows app at no additional cost. Just click the appropriate link below. You do not need to enter your name and registration code.

To use the
Gradekeeper web app, you do not need to download or install anything. You can use the web app on a Chromebook, on Linux, Windows, or a Mac.

You can download and install the Windows app by following the link below:

Download Gradekeeper for Windows (requires Windows 10 or Windows 11)

Gradekeeper is also available for iPad, iPhone, and Android. To purchase those apps, follow the links below:

Purchase Gradekeeper for iPad from the App Store (requires an iPad running iOS 10.0 or later)
Purchase Gradekeeper for iPhone from the App Store (requires an iPhone running iOS 10.0 or later)
Purchase Gradekeeper for Android from Google Play (requires Android 6.0 or later)

If you would like to be notified when new versions become available, you can follow
Gradekeeper on Facebook or subscribe to Gradekeeper on