Tour - Printing Reports

Gradekeeper can also display ten different reports. Here are just a few examples.

The student scores report is a complete report of a student's performance. It lists every assignment and its date, category, points possible, and that student's score. You can choose to include a summary of that student's grades by category and by term.
The missing assignments report is a summary of any assignments a student has not completed. It lists each missing assignment, date, category, and points possible. Extra credit assignments are not included.
The multiple class report is a summary of grades and attendance for several classes. This can be used by smaller schools as a simple report card, or by elementary teachers with the same students in more than one subject.
Reports are displayed exactly as they will be printed. You can use the scroll bars to see other pages in each report. You can also use a pop-up menu to go directly to the student or assignment you want to see, or to print a report for a single student.