Gradekeeper and Google Classroom

The Google edition of the Gradekeeper web app can open classes from Google Classroom. Click the Google Classroom icon on the top left of the toolbar to show a list of your classes in Google Classroom. You may first need to give Gradekeeper permission to access your classes and students in Google Classroom.

After opening a class from Google Classroom, you can add student IDs, student comments, additional email addresses (add these to the copy email address field). You can take attendance. You can create seating charts. You can add a school name to your class. You can change the name of the term in the school year and set the starting and ending date. You can do more advanced grade computation, like dropping worst scores from one or more categories. You can generate PDF reports or email reports to your students.

You can save a class opened from Google Classroom to your Google Drive. When you open this class from your Google Drive, it will update your students, assignments, and scores from Google Classroom automatically. But your other changes (like student comments, attendance, seating chart) will remain. This allows you to take advantage of what Google Classroom does best while extending those capabilities with the things that Gradekeeper does best.

Gradekeeper and Google Classroom make a great team!