About Gradekeeper

Gradekeeper is a web application that makes dealing with grades easy! Enter assignments and scores and let Gradekeeper do the rest. Gradekeeper computes grades, creates seating charts, prints reports, and sends email progress reports. Gradekeeper makes it easy to keep parents and students up to date. Gradekeeper has been helping teachers manage their grades for 30 years.

Gradekeeper was created by Daniel Ethier, a former software engineer and a long time math teacher. If you have problems or questions about Gradekeeper, you can email me at
dethier@gradekeeper.com. When you email me, you will be dealing with a real person, who understands your needs and who understands the software.

When you open a class from Google Classroom, Gradekeeper will access your students and their email addresses, assignments, and student grades. This information will be used to create a Gradekeeper class with those students, assignments, and scores. You may save this class to Google Drive. When you open that class from Google Drive, your students, assignments, and scores will be updated from Google Classroom. Gradekeeper will not make any changes to your classes in Google Classroom.

Your student email addresses will only be used to send email progress reports to your students. This will only be done when you choose to send email reports. None of the information that Gradekeeper accesses from your classes in Google Classroom will be shared with me or anyone else. Gradekeeper fully complies with the
Google API Services User Data Policy.

When you use Gradekeeper together with Google Classroom, you will be able to track attendance and make seating charts for the students in your Google Classroom classes, while keeping your students, assignments, and scores in sync with Google Classroom. You will also be able to generate detailed progress reports for your students and email those reports to your students.

Before using Gradekeeper, you should read the
Gradekeeper Privacy Policy and the Gradekeeper Terms of Service.