Gradebook for Chromebooks, Windows, and more

Gradekeeper makes dealing with grades easy!

Enter assignments and scores and let Gradekeeper do the rest. Gradekeeper computes grades, does seating charts, prints reports, and sends email progress reports. Gradekeeper makes it easy to keep parents and students up to date.

Gradekeeper is easy on your budget too. An individual license is $20. A school license is $100. A district license is $500. All licenses allow you to use Gradekeeper at school and at home. Licenses do not need to be renewed each year. And you can update to new versions without paying again.

The Gradekeeper web app is now available

You can use the Gradekeeper web app from any web browser. You can use it on a Chromebook, on Linux, on a Mac, or on Windows.

There are three editions of the web app. The
Dropbox edition saves your classes to your Dropbox. The Google Drive edition saves your classes to your Google Drive and sends email reports using your Gmail account and also allows you to open classes from Google Classroom. The Microsoft OneDrive edition saves your classes to your OneDrive and sends email reports using the email account associated with your OneDrive account.

Read more
about the Gradekeeper web app and how it uses your information. Read the Gradekeeper Privacy Policy and the Gradekeeper Terms of Service before using Gradekeeper. You can find the latest Gradekeeper news on Facebook or